Behind the Byline

Reporter. Writer. Observer. Person. In that Order.


My name is Alexa Gagosz and I am a recent graduate of Suffolk University and current Masters of Media Innovation student at Northeastern University. I hailed from a small, sleepy town in the southeast corner of Connecticut until I started my life over at 18 when I moved to a city. Almost instantly, I discovered what made me thrive: journalism.

My journalistic promise

For more than 80 years, The Suffolk Journal has been the leading force holding Suffolk University accountable. With a team lined with reporters listening at every corner of campus, the time to represent and advocate for the student voice could not be more important. As we, the executive board, head into our final weeks of being the forefront of university affairs, we keep both the past and present in mind, delivering the news that every person- student, staff and faculty member- have the right to know.

However, this university has a severe problem.

As some of the organizations, committees and administrative members of this institution look to mask the truth, we look to shine a light. As each reporter on our staff begins asking questions, either by knocking on office doors, sending emails or making phone calls, there is a stigma on campus to “not talk to the newspaper.”

The Journal was established with a main goal to report the truth, not create slander. Yet, repeatedly, staff members have been threatened, student leaders say “they just can’t say” and faculty fear for their tenure when we ask even just the simplest questions. Administration, I call on you. The more you threaten an employee’s livelihood, the more The Journal will hunt, ask and find out.

– Alexa Gagosz, Editor-in-Chief

That First Byline

Within two weeks of working for Suffolk University’s paper, The Suffolk Journal, I was appointed the Acting International News Editor. Two years later, I was the top editor and face of the publication. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 2.36.05 PM
My first year as Editor-in-Chief, when The Journal placed 2nd in the country for “Best Newspaper”

The Suffolk Journal has completely consumed my entire college experience when I assumed the role as Editor-in-Chief.

In an almost sudden rush to make sure that The Journal would be set up for success and also publish my first edition, the beginning of the summer of 2016 was no less than a mess of lonely nights in the office and numerous meetings to have to convince what seemed like an entire university to allow the Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper to make the decisions for the paper- including website overhaul, design and budget.

For each step that I attempted to make, there was someone else who was making sure to push me back by two more steps to make it near impossible to get anything done- including the people that said they were on my side.

Nonetheless, in less than a year, The Journal had a brand new website, placed second in the country for “Best Newspaper” in New York City and published some of the most innovative and breaking stories of the university, and of the city. 

What’s Next

Subscription to a newspaper is a gift to those who find reading the truth and documentation of humankind priceless

In the future, it is my personal goal to figure a way to “save journalism” in the sense of salvaging the newspaper industry. It is no secret that the subscription to a newspaper is a gift to those who find reading the truth and documentation of humankind priceless, however, there is a growing percentage of the population that do not find it as popular. It’s my intention to rid that stigma. 

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